Shutting Down DEP’s Unaffordable Water Fee Increases

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman is critical of DEP's proposed water increase rates.

Zimmerman Honors Guest Pages For The Day

On May 15th, 2019, Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman recognizes two guest pages and members of their family to the House Floor.

Zimmerman Honors Guest Page

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman honors young, guest page Quinton Miller on the House floor during the May 8th, 2019 session.

Excessive Gov’t Regulation and Red Tape

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman interrogates testifiers at the May 1st, 2019 Environmental Resources And Energy Committee meeting.

House Passes HR 252

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman, via House Resolution 252 recognizes April 27 as World Veternarian Day.

Rep. Zimmerman Questions ERC Testifier

Pa. State Rep. David Zimmerman questions an Environmental Resources Committee testifier.

Rep Zimmerman Participates In Draft Horse Competition

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman rides in the charity Draft Horse Competition at Pennsylvania's 103rd Farm Show.

Interview with Ag Secretary Redding

PA State Rep. Dave Zimmerman discusses issues related to the farming and agribusiness industries with Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding at the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Voting on House Bill 99

Pa. State Rep. Dave Zimmerman asks House members to vote "yes" on a bill that allows municipalities to perform emergency repair work without a bidding process.

Agriculture and Rural Affairs - Jan. 1, 2018 .... Full Hearing

Committee review of current state of Agriculture in PA and overregulation.