Zimmerman Calls for Celebrating the Traditions that Unite Us
HARRISBURG – Rep. Dave Zimmerman (R-Lancaster) today issued the following message in light of the many anti-Semitic protests taking place on college campuses across the country:

“A few months ago, I wrote an article regarding the political attacks on Pennsylvania founder William Penn and the woke ideologies that have infiltrated our places of higher learning. Here is a snippet of what I wrote:

“‘Elite colleges – indeed, many of our institutions of higher learning – instill and inculcate this bizarre [woke] thinking. And they do it with malice. These ‘schools’ are filled with tenured professors making hundreds of thousands of dollars whose goal in life is to tear down American society and culture, to revise it in a perverse way that is sure to cause more strife and division.’

“The strife and division - the tearing down of American society and culture - on our college campuses, fueled now by anti-Semitism, is no coincidence. It’s a direct result of the woke ideologies taught on our college campuses.

“The division is further enflamed by weakness and a lack of moral clarity from our leaders. President Joe Biden and Gov. Josh Shapiro have shown no leadership, university presidents continue to negotiate with anti-Semitic Hamas sympathizers and many Democrat members of Congress have done little to stand up against anti-Semitism. The lack of leadership and moral clarity on this issue is astonishing, but it should not be surprising considering the woke ideologies being taught on our college campuses.

“I believe it is time for us to unite around the principled traditions that made our nation the envy of the world: traditions of faith, patriotism and family. One of our national mottos since our founding is ‘E pluribus unum’ – Latin for ‘out of many, one.’ As Americans, we have always been a diverse group of people who come together to unite around our common principles.

“We must defeat the woke ideologies taught on college campuses that cause strife and division and return to the common traditions that unite us all.”

Representative Dave Zimmerman
99th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Josh King
RepZimmerman.com / Facebook.com/RepZimmerman