Jun. 07, 2023

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania’s reputation for failing to be welcoming toward out-of-state businesses would improve under legislation authored by state Rep. Dave Zimmerman, whose House Bill 565 was passed unanimously Wednesday by the House Professional Licensure Committee.

“One of the simplest things we can do as a future employer is to clean up the path of hurdles that obstruct the path which leads into Pennsylvania,” said Zimmerman. “Recognizing and respecting what someone has accomplished elsewhere is a great step.”

Zimmerman’s legislation would make it easier for professional engineers to obtain their Pennsylvania license by recognizing what they’ve accomplished previously in another state.

“We currently hand out engineer-in-training certificates and then require candidates to obtain four or more years of experience in engineering work,” Zimmerman added. “Why make it harder on them by ignoring their existing work experience and training because it was accomplished elsewhere? We’d be eliminating an incredibly unnecessary ‘hoop’ they presently have to jump through to get licensed in Pennsylvania.”

The bill may now be considered by the full House.

Questions about this or any state government issue should be directed to Zimmerman’s district office by calling 1-717-556-0031.

Representative Dave Zimmerman
99th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
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