Dec. 08, 2023

HARRISBURG - Today, Rep. Dave Zimmerman (R-Lancaster/Berks) announced that the stalled state budget process is having detrimental effects on vital sectors of our economy, including community colleges and animal health diagnostics.

The state budget bill was passed in August, which provided funding for approximately 80% of the budget. The final 20% of the funding is provided in code bills that are usually passed immediately following the budget bill. This year, however, the code bills were stalled when Gov. Josh Shapiro reneged on his promise to provide $100 million in school choice funding.

“Five months into the fiscal year, community colleges are the only sector in higher education that have not received their funding for the year,” Zimmerman said. “This is causing significant concerns among the state’s largest providers of postsecondary education responsible for teaching many low-income, first-generation and nontraditional students.”

Animal health diagnostics is another crucial sector that must be funded. This is the agriculture sector that assists our farmers in maintaining healthy food production animals.

“Diagnostic professionals are at the front lines of protecting our livestock animals from diseases such as avian influenza, swine flu, and chronic wasting disease,” Zimmerman said. “Their work is fundamental to ensuring a robust food supply that is both safe and affordable.
“It is critical that the Legislature pass funding for community colleges and animal health diagnostics before recessing for the year.”

Representative Dave Zimmerman
99th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives /
Media Contact: Charles Lardner