Mar. 13, 2024

HARRISBURG – Following the announcement of the Lancaster Public Library to host a drag queen story hour, state Reps. David Zimmerman (R-Adamstown), Keith Greiner (R-Upper Leacock) and Tom Jones (R-Elizabethtown) issued the following statement:

“As state representatives in Lancaster County, we are strongly opposed to the Lancaster Public Library using taxpayer dollars to sexualize our young children by bringing in drag queen story hour. This is a totally political and immoral use of our money.

“We need to protect our children!

“We find it appalling that something as innocent as a child’s story hour is being overtaken by a group of individuals trying to push a radical and dangerous political agenda to hypersexualize children. Drag queens are an offensive portrayal of womanhood. They are not an artistic expression; they are an open mockery of women. Our children don’t need this type of exposure when going to their local public library.

“Public libraries should be non-political public organizations that serve our communities. They are largely funded by your tax dollars from all levels of government. At a time when many Pennsylvanians cannot even afford basic amenities, funding drag queen performances is the last place our money should be going. Events such as these make it very challenging, and nearly impossible, to fund public libraries in the future if this kind of political agenda is forced into our communities and harms the innocence of children.

“We encourage the public to make their wishes known on this radical agenda and tell the Lancaster Public Library that drag queen story hour is not welcome in our community. The Lancaster Public Library can be reached at 717-394-2651.”

Representative Dave Zimmerman
99th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman
717.772.9840 /